Single Component Systems

Single Component Systems

DOPAG single component systems precisely deliver media such as adhesives, sealants, greases, and oils from their original containers to the application spot, where the material is then applied to the workpiece ether shotwise or in a continuous bead shape. Depending on your requirements, the systems can be equipped with gear pumps or piston pumps.

When processing one-component media, these may either be delivered via a material pressure vessel, in case of a flowable or low-viscosity medium, or via a drum pump installed on a double pump station for middle to high-viscosity media. The application is carried out manually or automatically.

Metering technology by DOPAG is used in various industries such as the automotive and automotive supplier industry, the construction industry, to name but a few.


for high viscosity single component materials.


highly dynamic, speed-proportional metering system for controlling the flow rate of single component adhesive applications


modular construction system for single component material dosing in a high precision and repeatable way