Steel industry

Steel industry is including such processes as: continuous casting, rolling, refractory materials operation, water preparation for all processes, casting, gas preparation and many others.

Rubber industry

ROSTA Engineering providing wide supply management service to most well known tyre plants in Russian and CIS. As well we are offering wide range of different spares and engineering consulting to other customers in the rubber industry.

Energy development

Energy development is a field of endeavor focused on making available sufficient primary energy sources and secondary energy forms to meet the needs of society. Business segments are: Power plants and energy transferring companies.

Pulp and paper industry

The pulp and paper industry comprises companies that use wood as raw material and produce pulp, paper, board and other cellulose-based products.

Printing & Packaging

Printing and packaging industry includes such processes as: cardboard production, offset and flexo and other printing processes.

Plastic industry

Plastic industry contains such processes as: extrusion, molding, flexo printing, lamination processes, calandering and other.

Food Industry

Food industry contains all process connecting with edible product, food substance and beverages production.

Crane industry

Crane industry includes crane manufacturing and crane services, repairs and modernization.

Mechanical engineering

This sector includes: automotive industry, shipbuilding, wagon construction, space and aviation industries, drilling and agricultural machinery manufacturing, machine tool industry, as well as the production of parts and components for repairs related to this equipment. Mechanical engineering - one of the main industrial sectors engaged in the production of automotive equipment, equipment, devices, etc., including industrial tools production.