Danieli ranks among the three largest suppliers of plants and equipment to the metals industry, worldwide. They are leaders in minimills, in long product casting and rolling plants, and among the front runners in the flat product and iron ore sectors.

Company solidity, proven process technology, continuously improved design and project management capability, together with excellent manufacturing know-how and production carried out in fully-owned centers, make Danieli the reliable partner.
LSTK capability for single source of responsibility gives to their customers complete project control.

European regional development fund

During the 1960s, the European Commission occasionally tried to establish a regional fund, but only Italy ever supported it. Britain made it an issue for its accession in 1973, and pushed for its creation at the 1972 summit in Paris. Britain was going to be a large contributor to the CAP and the EEC budget, and sought to offset this deficit by having the ERDF established. They would then be able to show their public some tangible benefits of EEC membership. The ERDF was set to be running by 1973, but the 1973 oil crisis delayed it, and it was only established in 1975 under considerable British and Italian pressure.[1]

It started with a budget of 1.4 billion units of account, much less than the original British proposal of 2.4 billion units of account, but has increased rapidly both proportionally and absolutely in the course of time. Since its creation, it has operated under changing set of rules that were standardised with Single European Act and is now in its 2007–2013 period.

At that moment SIA ROSTA Engineering have signed contracts with ERDF  for co-finacing of interantional marketability increase contract SKV-L-2016-502, dated 29.06.2016

(below is text on Latvian language)

SIA Rosta Engineering uzņēmums ir noslēdzis 29.06.2016  līgumu Nr.SKV-L-2016/502 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par atbalsta saņemšanu pasākuma “Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana” ietvaros, ko līdzfinansē Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds.