Other supplied equipment and spare parts

Other supplied equipment and spare parts

ROSTA Engineering per request providing can provide our customers with offers for different equipment and spare parts which no in the list of main products per request


Pumps and accesuaries

Air treatment equipment

Air treatment equipment such: air filtration and air preparations units, air armature, air valves, quick connect coupling and other accessories.

Control and Automation devices

Сontrol units, encoders, flow meters, automation devices, PLC, pressure gauges and other.

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic components and accesories

Humbert & Pol

HUMBERT & POL’S BIG-BAG filling and discharge stations

Temporiti electromagnetic brakes

Temporiti electromagnetic brakes

BEI Sensors

BEI Sensors: incremental, absolute, multi-turn encoders; linear transducers, inclinometers, draw wire sensors.


UPS and power reservation systems