FEY sealings

FEY sealings

FEY Laminar Rings were developed in Germany in 1946, and were initially used to seal pistons and cylinders on internal combustion engines.  Hundreds of European companies have used FEY Laminar Rings to seal their manufactured equipment.  The FEY ring is a uniquely designed sealing ring set.  FEY Rings come in many different styles, designed specifically to handle the requirements of a particular application, making them useful in many industries.  The materials, designs, manufacturing techniques and application expertise make FEY Rings, the laminar seal that provides the proper seal; not something that fits a groove.

Non-contacting (labyrinth) seals

They can be used as grease seals to provide protection against the ingress of dust and moisture

Plastic Ring Carrier Seal

Used to seal ball and roller bearings against loss of grease and ingress of dirt or splash water

Laminar Retaining Rings

Internal Rings for Bores, External Rings for Shafts, Special Purpose Rings

Laminar Piston Rings

FK 2 New Pistons and Cylinders. FK 4 Forging Machines and Presses