Herzog Grinding Machines

Herzog Grinding Machines

Grinding maschines

Core characteristics of our grinding machines are compact construction, manual as well as automatic operating modus, optimum surface preparation by means of coarse and fine grinding, sample water cooling, as well as an optional milling device.

Model line:

HB 3000

The fully automatic HB 3000 cup wheel and abrasive belt grinding machine permits automated sample preparation for spectroscopic analysis with all its advantages. Operation with program-controlled grinding processes results in a considerable improvement in the reproducibility of sample preparation and therefore consistent analysis results at reduced time and cost.

HB 4000

Universal sample preparation for spectroscopic analysis: The HB 4000 abrasive belt grinding machine permits fully automatic sample preparation for spectral analysis with all its benefits. The method of operation with program-controlled grinding process offers significant improvements in the reproducibility of the sample preparation and thus accurate analysis results in less time and at lower costs.

HBF 4000

Universal sample preparation for spectrochemical analysis: HERZOG automativ grinder and miler for steel and iron samples.